the simple and modular cms
What is Chaosportal?
Chaosportal is a CMS (Content managing System).
It's aims to be simple to install and manage, expandible with modules that can be easily created by the community and automatically installed by the CMS itself. It is the result of the refinement and optimization of two previous CMSs. In fact this is ChaosPortal II, but ChaosPortal I was never publicly released as a project.
It's not secret that module and block concepts are taken from Drupal, that's an extremely good CMS, just a bit too complex (read: difficult to build up modules) for my taste (or capabilities? ;-) ).
The following are the main features provided by ChaosPortal:
System requirements
Chaosportal is a web-based CMS (Content managing system). Thus, it requires a web server (Damn, I'd never thought it! ;-) )
Here are some sites made with Chaosportal: